Log Hotel Resort


Log home,hotel resort, bungaloo, villa, etc

Material: Russian pine wood or Candian SPF

Size: buyer request

Wall thickness: 28mm, 36mm


Speciality: This house can be in various colors and is adaptable to any region.Great as a personal or secondary house, you can choose from a variety of models.

OUr company offer  fully wooden log houses in Russian style, in Chinese style in 3 kind of readiness for competitive prices.

Houses made of logs. The house made of logs is only a smooth change of temperature. In a wooden house is always fresh air, warm in winter and coolness in summer. You'll always be happy rest of the house of round logs brevna.Otsilindrovannoe - one of the achievements in the field of wooden construction, which allows us to apply an industrial approach to production of wooden houses.
This log is processed on special machines, and is a quality material, ready for rapid assembly, because the details of a log house just died out, and fit snugly together.

Houses made of logs, which are in close contact with, each other does not require additional insulation (fits only a thin ribbon mezhventsovy insulation made of natural linen.

Log-house of hardwood and softwood have special natural energy and create a healthy indoor climate, provide natural ventilation and keep warm. Often, simultaneously with construction of log homes built log cabin sauna, as Bath is one of the prerequisites for a good rest in the country. Log cabin homes and log cabin saunas are very durable and reliable designs, so buy a log cabin - the right solution for the construction of holiday homes, cottages and saunas.