Oak Logs

We can supply large quantities of  EUROPEAN WHITE OAK LOGS Oak Logs, Grades: A/B/C; Transportation: 40HC container; Available Volumes: 3000m3 per month; Quality: High quality material; Quantity: Large quantities available; Origin: Central Europe (Ukraine)/  

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring-oak and beech tree massive wood parquet flooring. Hardwood flooring and parquet from oak,beech and acacia.

Log Wood House

The house made of logs is only a smooth change of temperature. In a wooden house is always fresh air, warm in winter and coolness in summer. Log-house of hardwood and softwood have special natural energy and create a healthy indoor climate, provide natural ventilation and keep warm. Our company offer  fully wooden log houses in Russian style, in Chinese style in 3 kind of readiness for competitive prices.